Dr. Z


What do we provide? Akron Biotech is focused on providing its customers with superior quality Serum and Reagent products for Research and Development. As a global product supplier, it specializes in manufacturing and supplying cell culture and cell biology products aimed at the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

Clients? Akron’s network of clients include large Research and Development reagent companies and contract research organizations. The Company provides Serum and Reagent products for preliminary research and small or large scale applications.

New services? Akron Biotech will be adding services such as assay development and validation, which in conjunction with process development services can house all of its customers’ initial needs in early development stages.

Significant cost savings? Our Company’s unique business model provides significant cost savings to our customers by offering bulk sera as well as bulk amounts of recombinant proteins at high purity. Our experienced biotech staff understands the need to deliver high quality products on time as well as the need to ensure excellent quality standards. In addition, our diverse staff has extensive knowledge of conducting business seamlessly for our national and international customers.

Location? Akron Biotech is headquartered in South Florida, and has offices in South America and manufacturing facilities around the world. We have established an Advisory Board and are collaborating with several research institutions in order to deliver our customers the highest quality products and services while achieving our goal of being an industry leader.

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