A loaded week for immunotherapy: Cancer Moonshot report, CAR-T Summit and more.

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The coming week is heavy on CAR-T and cell therapy developments. Not only is the FDA holding a public hearing on cell therapies (which you can read about here), but the CAR-T Summit is taking place in Boston (more on that below) alongside satellite meetings such as Cell & Gene Therapy (which takes place September 12 and 13, 2016).

Additionally, the Blue Ribbon Panel of the Cancer Moonshot initiative presented its report to the National Cancer Advisory Board earlier this week on September 7, 2016.

The report, which can be downloaded here, describes “10 transformative research recommendations for achieving the Cancer Moonshot’s goal.”

President Barack Obama has requested about $1 billion over two years for the project — however, the funding has yet to be approved.

On the subject of immunotherapies, the report recommends the generation of a “cancer immunotherapy clinical trial network.” More specifically, the purpose of the network would be to:

“[…] provide a national infrastructure to take advantage of a standardized baseline protocol (including drug treatments and prevention strategies for high-risk individuals, tissue acquisition, and biomarker interrogation) embedded in the broader community (both academic and industry) to test novel immunotherapies efficiently and with a deep understanding of fundamental obstacles to success.”

The Blue Ribbon Panel’s report is part of a larger initiative, and another important milestone in the current government’s plan to advance much-needed funded for the development and commercialization of therapies for serious diseases that currently have no cure.


Akron to present at CAR-TCR Summit 2016

Akron Biotech will be attending the CAR-TCR Summit which this year takes place in Boston from September 13 – 16, 2016. Alongside having a booth set up at the meeting which will feature our latest innovations in product and process development, Akron will also be featured as a speaker at the conference.

Dr. Claudia Zylberberg, Akron’s CEO, will speak during the Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Commercialization session which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 14th, 2016. The talk, titled “Innovating CAR-T Manufacturing: Challenges and Considerations for CMOs” will take place at 12:40 pm and will address issues relevant to the manufacturing of CAR-T therapies and focus on current challenges and bottlenecks in the manufacturing as well as new concepts and strategies that can bring opportunities to in-process improvements of CAR-T therapies.

For more information or to schedule private meetings, contact us directly.


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