2015 at Akron Biotech: A Year in Review

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Aa another year approaches its end, we take a few moments to reflect on the milestones achieved here at Akron Biotech that have made it worth remembering. After expanding to a new facility in 2014, we have continued on a path of growth throughout this year in different ways: here are some of them.

Earlier this year, Akron obtained ISO-13485 accreditation, which stood – and will continue to stand – as a testament to the strong emphasis we put on the quality of our products and services.

Continuing on our path of discovery and innovation, Akron Biotech was awarded an SBIR Phase I grant for the development of novel DMSO-free cryopreservation media, in collaboration with Stanford University. The grant is supporting our long-term investment in the development of innovative media for hard-to-cryopreserve cells and tissues, an area that Akron and is continuing to pioneer.

The dissemination of knowledge through literature and conferences has always been another high priority for Akron. This year, we have participated in a large number of conferences – from ISCT to Termis and World Stem Cell Summit.

Earlier this year, Akron published a whitepaper in the journal Cytotherapy titled “Critical Elements in the Development of Cell Therapy Potency Assays for Ischemic Conditions.” Later in the year, Akron participated in a workshop at NIST focused on standardization efforts for cell therapy measurements.

This Fall, we were pleased to receive another accolade: Akron was named 2015 Company of the Year by BioFlorida. The award was presented at this year’s BioFlorida Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Company of the Year is awarded to a company that has had significant achievements leading to the advancement of the life sciences in Florida. 

We also launched a series of new products: two worth mentioning include Human Serum Albumin and heat-inactivated fibronectin. This version of fibronectin is the first virus-inactivated fibronectin on the market and represents a significant breakthrough for clinical applications where viral clearance is important without compromising protein activity.

And as we wave goodbye to 2015, we vow to continue on our path of discovery whilst staying true to our core of providing the highest focus on quality of our products and services. Stay tuned on this blog throughout 2016 as we share the most exciting news as they happen.


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