Akron presents at CAR-T Summit: Dispatches from the meeting

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This week, Akron Biotechnology attended the annual CAR-T Summit, which took place in Boston, MA on November 12 and 13.

The Summit brought together experts from academia and industry who are at the forefront of advances that are helping understand and develop next-generation cures with CAR-T cell therapy.

Akron Biotechnology’s Dr. Claudia Zylberberg delivered a speech on the key aspects of raw material procurement for safe and compliant CAR-T therapies. The discussion focused on issues, from safety to economics, that drive the Cost of Goods of the final therapies and which are dictated by best practices at the raw material level. Four key raw material families were identified as key to CAR-T therapy development: human products, recombinant proteins, serum-free media and cryopreservation media. Akron’s presentation touched on best practices and cutting-edge science with respect to the procurement of these materials, as well as safety issues that would allow compliant manufacturing with particular regard to regulatory agencies.

Alongside Akron, Robert Margolin, VP of Corporate Development at Cognate Bioservices, our partner, presented on their capabilities as a leading service provider of autologous CAR-T manufacturing processes. Owing to Cognate’s location at the intersection of major carrier arteries (Cognate is located in the vicinity of Fedex’ main hub), Cognate’s capabilities are compounded by the ability to provide robust logistical solutions that result in rapid delivery of freshly manufactured therapies ready for bed-side administration. Cognate has a deep understanding of the requirements of the entire CAR-T therapy process – from regulatory aspects through to manufacturing, storage, scheduling, supply chain management and logistics, and their presentation reflected such experience.

Akron also participated as an exhibitor, where we presented the latest in our products, services and capabilities.

If you missed us or missed the meeting altogether but would like to discuss how we – or Cognate – can help, contact us directly.





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