Akron Biotech and Cognate BioServices Announce Strategic Partnership

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Cognate BioServices, Inc. and Akron Biotechnology, LLC are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that brings two industry leaders together to provide a more complete package of services to their clients. Cognate is a leader in the provision of cGMP manufacturing services and regulatory support to companies and institutions engaged in the development of regenerative medicine and cell-based products and therapies. Akron Biotech is an innovative supplier of validated reagents, solutions and technologies to the cell therapy industry. Their relationship strengthens both companies and will unify their resources to better serve growing market demands internationally.

Akron Biotech founder and CEO Claudia Zylberberg, PhD, stated, “This partnership is a unique opportunity to integrate the offerings of our two companies to meet the growing needs of the industry by strategically reducing the cost of goods through enabling solutions and procurement of raw materials in a cost-efficient manner for our customers and Cognate clients.”

J. Kelly Ganjei, CEO of Cognate BioServices, added, “We believe that offering a more full service integration with specific key supply chain demands provides us and our clients a competitive advantage in this field. Dr. Zylberberg and her team have built a brand around quality and innovation, two attributes that Cognate requires of itself internally. We are very excited about continuing to expand our collective offerings to our clients in the US and internationally.”

The companies will continue to operate as separate entities, with each company focusing on further developing its core competencies while contemporaneously leveraging each other’s strengths to advance new cell therapy-based treatments from workbench to the clinic. For Cognate’s core, these competencies include cGMP manufacturing, scale up, validation and process development through specialized infrastructure and expertise to support clients through all aspects of cell-based drug development up to and including commercialization. Akron’s core competencies include the production and distribution of validated raw materials and solutions to cell therapy clients, as well as innovating new products and technologies for the regenerative medicine space.

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