Akron Participates in NIST Standardization Workshop + Visit Us At ISCT

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Akron Moderates Potency Assay Standardization Workshop Akron last week participated in the workshop “Measurement Assurance for Cell Therapy Products,” held at and organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The workshop brought together some of the leading representatives from industry and academia to discuss the best strategies for the standardization of various measurements critical in the development of cell therapy products: cell counting, cell viability and potency assays. A series of seminars gave way to the workshop sessions, which saw the participants split into three groups, each tackling one of the three critical measurement areas. Discussions ranged from challenges currently experienced when dealing with various assays (such as cell clumping during cell counting), to best cross-labroatory solutions how to address and solve these problems. Akron’s Dr. Sandro Matosevic was a moderator at the session on Potency Assay development, alongside Dr. Juliana Woda (Juventas), Dr. Yael Porat (Biogencell), Dr. Eytan Abraham (Lonza) and Dr. Carl Simon (NIST), which was also organized by Akron’s Dr. Claudia Zylberberg. The session focused on two angiogenesis potency assays: endothelial cell proliferation and the tube formation assay, both of which were identified as suffering form significant drawbacks stemming from the multiple factors involved in their setup, particularly the tube formation assay. Some of these include variability in cell source, tube-inducing growth factor as well as detection which is very subjective and relies on processing of microscope-collected images. Potential solutions for standardization were proposed, as well as strategies to achieve harmonization across the various elements of the assays. The two-day workshop highlighted the critical need for industry and academia to work together on identifying best practices – as well as bottlenecks – during the cell therapy product development process, as well as industry-wide organizations’ role in bridging such gaps. Further follow-ups from the workshop will outline some of the proposed solutions. Akron at ISCT in Las Vegas This year, Akron will again participate at the International Society of Cell Therapy Annual Meeting. In the interest of efficiency, here is a breakdown of opportunities to meet us and hear from us:

  • Booth 412: We will be there throughout the conference, so make sure to come and speak with us
  • Poster 259: Come learn about the latest in DMSO-free cryopreservation media. The poster session is Friday, May 29th from 5:30 – 7 pm
  • Talk: Critical Considerations for the Development of Cell Therapy Potency Assays. Case study: Angiogenesis. Dr. Claudia Zylberberg will speak on Thursday, May 28 during the Strategies for Commercialization Track from 4 –  5:30 pm in the Pompeian Ballroom I/II.
  • Panel: Strategies for Commercialization Track 2 – Ancillary Materials. Dr. Claudia Zylberberg will chair, alongside Lynn Csontos, a panel discussion on ancillary materials on Thursday, May 28th from 11:15 – 12:30 in the Pompeian Ballroom I/II.

If you would like to set up a private meeting, please contact us at info@akronbiotech.com.

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