Akron Webinar: “3D Nanofiber Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine”

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Last week, we presented the first in our series of free educational webinars, titled “3D Nanofiber Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine”. The webinar was aimed at both beginners to the field as well as advanced researchers by acting as both a primer on the current manufacturing and assembly techniques and applications of nanofiber scaffolds in biomedicine as well as an overview of the current state-of-the-art research and development in the field which touched on applications in cell culture, tissue regeneration, DNA transfection and drug delivery and transport, among others.

Questions posed by attendees during the webinar ranged from physical characterization of the electrospun nanofiber scaffolds, to the degree of manipulation of the assembly techniques to generate scaffodls of various mechanical properties to application-specific questions.

We want to thank everyone who attended the webinar: the interest and attendance was overwhelming, which shows the broad interest in the topic.

Due to high interest, we will be hosting the webinar again – the next date is October 23rd at 11 am ET.

To attend, use the registration link on this page:


We invite everyone interested in the subject the register and attend, and those who have attended our previous webinar should feel free to submit any questions or comments via email.

Also, if you have particular topics, questions or problems that you would like the webinar to address, feel free to get in touch with us via email.

We have also received a large number of requests for slides from the webinar: after October 24th, the webinar will be made available online. Check back here for details following the date.

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