Vivex Biomedical and Akron Biotech Announce Collaborative Venture in Regenerative Medicine

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Akron Biotech and Vivex Biomedical, Inc. have just announced a strategic collaboration on the use of Akron’s next-generation line of cryopreservation media, CryoNovo™ in one of Vivex’ therapeutic applications.

CryoNovo™ is Akron’s brand new range of DMSO-free cryopreservation media. Developed to meet the growing needs for efficient cryopreservation of a variety of cells, the CryoNovo™ line includes three products, each tailored to a specific application:

CryoNovo™ media are DMSO-, serum- and glycerol- free. They are also non-toxic and developed from completely natural components.

In the collaboration, Akron’s CryoNovo™ T82 is used in the Vivex process of viable bone allograft preparation.

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