Akron: Your One-Stop Cell Therapy Services Provider

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A lot has been mentioned on this blog about Akron’s industry-leading line up of products, from extracellular matrix proteins and scaffolds through to cryopreservation media and contamination control kits.

But how can Akron’s unique expertise help you and your application?

With years of experience in cell therapy development and commercialization, Akron Biotech is uniquely positioned to provide superior support in all aspects of process development from the bench to the market. From raw materials qualification through to logistics optimization, bioassay design and custom process development, our services span the areas of quality control, research and development and manufacturing.

We have in-house GMP facilities and development labs and possess broad experience in developing, optimizing, scaling up and validating cell therapy processes and assays. Our custom solutions are virtually limitless and are tailored to each client’s very particular needs. Whether it’s cell culture, bioassay validation or raw materials testing, our research and development team works at great lengths to provide the best possible class of service. As an ISO-certified company, in conjunction with our quality control department we are uniquely positioned to provide a full range of quality control and validation services.

Our clients include everything from academic institutions through to large pharma as well as government organizations. By being actively involved in research, we ensure we stay at the cutting edge of science.

Really, if you need it done Akron can probably do it. Our staff is always happy to discuss how we can help your application. Get in touch with us here.


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