MyControl – Industry-leading Mycoplasma detection: make contamination a thing of the past

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As announced a few weeks ago, Akron has just recently taken the wraps off a brand new, industry-leading RT-PCR detection kit for Mycoplasmas, marketed as MyControl. The need for such an efficient, highly sensitive PCR-based kit for the detection of mycoplasmas is critical – around 25% of all cultures are contaminated with Mycoplasma. The severity of this issue is emphasized by the fact that both the US Pharmacopeia and the FDA specify that cell culture in pharmaceutical manufacturing settings must be Mycoplasma-free. Mycoplasmas – extremely small prokaryotic organisms – are, however, not only detrimental to cell culture processes, they are very hard to detect: they are not visible under a light microscope and can penetrate pores of regular filtration membranes easily. In response to the need for the complete removal of these unwanted organisms, a number of methods has been developed to both detect and eliminate Mycoplasmas from culture: they include physical, chemical, immunological and chemotherapeutic techniques (Uphoff and Drexler, Methods in Molecular Biology , 2013, 946: 15-26).

In a recent study, PCR-based mycoplasma detection was identified as one of the most robust methods for detecting mycoplasmas in cell culture (Kazemiha et al., New Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Journal, 2013, 3, 9:37-59).  Apart from speed of analysis, other advantages of PCR-based Mycoplasma  detection include extremely high sensitivity, excellent reproducibility and minimal DNA contamination.

Akron’s MyControl system is a Real-Time PCR SYBR(R) Green detection kit that has been developed to detect more than 100 different Mycoplasma species with a sensitivity of 1 to 10 copies of target DNA. The kit uses a  specific multiplex primer design for the amplification of the 16-23S ribosomal RNA intergenic spacer regions of Mycoplasma species and thus provides a robust and efficient way to detect Mycoplasma contamination in culture. We are happy to announce the official launch of MyControl – so contact us to try it out and see the difference yourself.

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