CryoSolve: Keeping Stem Cells Functional… Below Zero

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Despite the remarkable therapeutic potential of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells, a major challenge for their application is the development of efficient solutions for cryopreservation. Cryopreservation – the process of cooling and storing cells at sub-zero temperatures – is important for the storage and banking of cells that would otherwise be prone to damage over time. Efficient strategies for cryopreservation are the subject of ongoing research, as strategies are being sought that advance our understanding of the effects of preservation media and conditions on the viability, funcionality and differentiation potential of stem cells (Martin-Ibanez et al., Current Frontiers in Cryobiology 2009).

Akron has developed and marketed CryoSolve, a cGMP single-use cell cryopreservation media, containing DMSO USP/EP 55% w/v, Dextran-40 USP/EP 5% w/v and WFI, with a 10% final DMSO concentration. CryoSolve contains serum/animal-free organic raw materials, packaged in single-use syringes filled with ready-for-use media to ensure consistency in the preservation of stem cells.

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