Not just for wound healing: Fibronectin – a versatile, important ECM protein

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A new addition to the Akron Biotech portfolio of cell culture products, human fibronectin is a well-studied extracellular matrix glycoprotein that has been recieving reinvigorated interest owing to its important role in cell adhesion, migration, differentiation and wound healing.

Recently, fibronectin has been implicated to play a major role in remyelination in multiple sclerosis (Brain 136, pp116), to aid cell response to scaffold morphology in bladder tissue engineering (PLoS One 8, e56237) and to trigger in vivo recellularization of tissue-engineered aortic conduits (QScience Proceedings 2013).

Akron’s product line has recently added purified human-derived plasma fibronectin to its line up — for custom orders please contact us. To see our fibronectin product specifications, click here.

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