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In the next few months, Akron Biotech will be participating in three different conferences: BioFlorida’s 15th annual conference, the 2012 National Regenerative Medicine Foundation Conference, and the 8th annual World Stem Cell Summit.

At BioFlorida’s event on Oct. 7 -9, our very own Dr. Claudia Zylberberg, the chair of the BioBusiness track, will be the moderator for the “Globalization Challenges & Opportunities for this Century” panel. Check out our 08/28 post for more info.

At the Regenerative Medicine Conferences on Oct 17-19, Dr. Z will present in a segment entitled “Commercialization Strategies and Challenges” and report on the current status of the regenerative medicine industry.

Lastly, at the World Stem Cell Summit on Dec. 3-5, Akron Biotech will be an official Bronze Sponsor. Furthermore, Dr. Z will be a part of the “Enabling Products & Technology Roundtable” Focus Session, discussing the future of stem cell research.

Please contact us if you have any questions and make sure to join Akron Biotech in helping develop this growing industry at these great events!

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