I just received some AK-Polyfibers pictures that I would like to share with you

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Thank you to Dr. Gerry Shaw from EnCor Biotechnology in Gainsville, Florida www.encorbio.com for the pictures using our AK-Polyfibers. Gerry said: ” I finally got around to testing those plates with various cells we had around, namely 3T3, Hek293, HeLa and MDA-MB-231 cells (these are a human adenocarcinoma breast cancer line). All of the cells grew well on both types of fiber dish. I took some confocal images after we stained with our mouse monoclonal actin antibody (clone 5C11, green) and our chicken polyclonal to vimentin (red). The cells grew really well as you can appreciate.”

AK-Polyfibers have been a great success for Akron. To know more about Polyfibers and associated proteins for cell growth and proliferation in a 3D environment contact us. info@akronbiotech.com

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